Advantages Copy Trading

A Forex Broker is never at his wits end in developing strategies to retain and increase the interest of his clients, and potential clients. Instead of making their clients who are unable to trade give up, forex brokers create services that can indeed be used by all circles and can be used to make money from the financial market which is usually called copy trading.

Copy trading itself is a service that is provided by a broker that functions as an imitator in trading activities carried out by experts or masters in the trading world. If you want to make money in the trading world but have very limited time or always experience a loss in the trading world. Copy trading forex can help in making it happen.

What Are The Advantages Of Copy Trading?

Indeed, copy trading will create an opportunity that aims to take advantage of other people’s trading knowledge and experience. Therefore, you don’t have to observe the movement and analysis of trends in the money market so you can decide what transactions you will take and when you should be able to close the transaction, you just need to follow the pro traders.

The picture is like this, for example, you have chosen someone who has consistently produced very high profits on their trading activities. Then there is a great possibility for you to be able to make money consistently because you have followed the trader.

Criteria for Selecting Traders to Copy

  1. How long have they been trading.
  2. Pay attention to the trading track record.
  3. Using lots that are so scalable.
  4. Risk Reward used by the trader.
  5. Currency pairs that are actually traded.

Tips For Investing

  1. Be selective in choosing the traders you will follow, pay attention to the use of lots, money management, and duration of trading.
  2. Arrange lots in a professional way so that your capital will be safer later because in use it adjusts to the capital you use.
  3. Be verified when choosing an expert trader that you will follow, because choosing a few traders who are really good will definitely reduce your losses later.

Several Copy Trading Brokers


The copy trading platform that has been provided by the FBS broker is very complete and not inferior to the others. In fact, FBS is much safer because the transactions that are opened will adjust proportionally to the capital we have. It can be illustrated like this when there is a master account that has funds of $ 1000 while we as a copying account only have funds of $ 100 and when later the master account gets a profit of $ 10 which is 1% of the capital worth $ 1. It will be profitable if later the master loses 10% your account will not lose $10 but will only lose $1.


In Instaforex you will be provided with a more informative copy trading service. Like broker services in general, InstaForex will display a trading account page that we will follow and what is more important is the aggressiveness of the trading that you will follow is very clearly listed so that you can choose very skilled traders with careful consideration. Because on an aggressive trader’s account it will be more dangerous if we follow it later.


With this platform, you can connect any trading account of any broker in the world, copy orders for any products such as Forex, Cryptos, Stock CFD’s, Commodities and Indices without any restrictions, and what’s more interesting is for a copy trading system, you don’t need a VPS, Expert Advisor (EA) copytrade and additional software, all systems run automatically and realtime 24 hours.

MetaCopyTrade was established to help all Traders and Followers to create a perfect copy trading system starting from open orders, order modifications to order closing, due to rampant fraudulent actions carried out by individuals who act in the name of copy trading, MetaCopyTrade as a Real Copy Trading system.