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What is a Follower?

How to become a CopyTrade Follower is very easy, there are lots of the best and most trusted CopyTrade Master Traders that you can follow as a Slave or Investor. An Investor does not need to learn trading, analysis, and the things needed to be an account manager, to become a capital owner just open an account, and choose a Trader who has the best trading history.

Follower / Slave / Investor is the second party of the copy trading activity or the recipient and copy of the signal from the selected Trader, so all trading activities made by the Trader will be copied automatically by the Follower, both profit and loss.

All trading activities ranging from open orders, close, pending, to modify orders will be copied automatically, but 100% control of the trading account is in your hands, if there is a floating profit / loss, you can stop the transaction.

The advantage of being an Investor is that you don't need a deep understanding of Forex Trading and other financial products, just open a trading account and then choose a Professional Trader, so your trading account profits will be exactly the same as experienced Traders.

Calculate Follower Income

Followers Benefit
$per month
$per month
% per month
Sharing Profit / VPS Rent / CopyTrade Fee

Your Profit - Fees

Only the subscription fee is deducted, the copy trading fee is FREE.

Cut subscription fees + other costs such as profit sharing, vps rental, or copy trading fees.

Follower Copytrade
How Follower Work

Becoming an Investor or Follower is another way to earn from trading, without the need to spend time studying and analyzing the market, just follow a professional trader's account, your account will automatically profit like a professional trader. To become a Follower, please follow these steps:

Estimated time to become a follower 3 minutes

1. Register or Login

Metacopytrade Register

Register or Login

2. Follower Activation

Follower Activation

Select the Follower Activation menu and complete the required data.

3. Trader & Copy Trading Fee $0 per lot

Follower Fee

Choose a Trader, and make sure you have opened a Trading account to become a Follower, if you open a trading account on the Forex Broker page, then you only need to pay a subscription fee, the copy trading fee is free $0 per lot.

4. Trader & Copy Trading Fee $1 per lot

Follower Fee

Meanwhile, if the Follower's trading account is registered NOT through the Forex Broker page, a copy trading fee of $1 per lot will be charged, and you can also choose how long the copy trading period works.

5.Deposit To Pay Subscription & Copy Trading Fees

Deposit Wallet

To pay the subscription fee and copy trading, you are required to make a deposit on the member area page, there are several deposit methods available such as Bank Transfer, Paypal, and Fasapay.

6. Activation Process and Done

Followers History

The last stage after you submit the activation is to wait for the process, our team will immediately check all the data that has been submitted according to the existing queue, success and failure information will be informed via email, please check your email periodically.

7. History of Subscription Fees and Copy Trading

Wallet History

Fees will be deducted automatically according to the selected subscription period (daily, weekly or monthly), and copy trading fees will also be automatically deducted if there is copy trading activity from the Trader.

If your account is successfully accepted, your account will be activated immediately and the copying of transactions will take place with the Trader you selected.

Lot Ratio on Follower Account

When you set the Lot Ratio on the Follower's trading account, this system will multiply the transaction lot which can be smaller or larger.

With Ratio, the size of the contract is not taken into account, so the formula is:

Follower Lot Size = Trader Lot SIze x Ratio

The value of this ratio can be a positive or negative value, the system will round up the lot size increase or decrease the lot size.

The thing to note is that the minimum order rules for each broker are different, in this case the system will automatically try to copy transactions with the minimum value allowed by the broker.

Trader AccountOptionsFollower Account


The potential profit that can be obtained is not fixed every day, sometimes smaller or bigger, depending on the trading activity. MetaCopyTrade does not participate in the deposit of funds at all. Forex trading involves risks associated with losing part or all of your funds, therefore we urge you to always understand the risks involved in trading. We are not responsible for lost client funds caused by forex trading activities for any reason.
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