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Metacopytrade Features

With MetaCopyTrade, there are lots of features that you can get to help your trading activities, of course, get maximum and unlimited benefits, all of these features you can get for free, including:


Free Setup

Traders and Followers do not have to pay any installation fees.

The Control Is On You

We are only limited to providing services, the account control remains with you.

Transparent System

All data and statistics are displayed transparently, nothing is hidden.


Multiple Broker

There are no broker restrictions, you can use any broker you like, you can even request if the broker you want is not available.


There are no limits on products that can be traded, such as forex, indexes, commodities, as long as the broker provides these products.

Reverse Trading

When you go against the direction of the trader's transactions you are following, for example when the Trader takes a buy trade. with this feature you will automatically take sell trades.

Take Over Transactions

You can take over the transactions on your trading account whenever you want, for example, you want to close a part of the transaction.

All Strategies

Scalping, hedging, averaging, manuals, robots or have a special or secret strategy? 
100% workable.

Multiple Accounts

There are no restrictions on opening a trading account for the role of traders and followers of all brokers and countries.

All Order Types

No need to worry about open, close, pending to modify orders, all types of transactions can be executed automatically.

Lot Ratio

This feature allows you to adjust the resilience of funds on each account even though the capital is different, this also means that you can adjust your lot and your capital needs.

Manual Order

No need to worry, your trading will run normally without any influence, including if you want to trade independently manually or automatically.

The whole world

Every trading account can be connected with anyone, any country and any broker.

Become a Trader

Become a professional trader who has a lot of followers around the world

Become a Follower

Get 100% profit from professional traders without profit sharing


The potential profit that can be obtained is not fixed every day, sometimes smaller or bigger, depending on the trading activity. MetaCopyTrade does not participate in the deposit of funds at all. Forex trading involves risks associated with losing part or all of your funds, therefore we urge you to always understand the risks involved in trading. We are not responsible for lost client funds caused by forex trading activities for any reason.
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