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Metacopytrade How It Works

The registration process is simple and is supported by a sophisticated system, making it easier for all users to get started, even live support is always ready to help. The stages of the registration process are as follows:

Estimated time from registration to completion 3 minutes

  1. Registration

    At this initial stage you are required to create an account to become a member, this stage only requires information such as your full name, email, mobile number and password that you created yourself.

  2. Add Trading Account

    In the second stage, you have to add your trading account to start using the service, you add trading account by filling in the form on the Member Area page.

  3. Role Activation

    After that, tou will be directed to the next form to activate your account with the selected role, Your account will be active after completing this form.

Become a Trader

Become a professional trader who has a lot of followers around the world

Become a Follower

Get 100% profit from professional traders without profit sharing


The potential profit that can be obtained is not fixed every day, sometimes smaller or bigger, depending on the trading activity. MetaCopyTrade does not participate in the deposit of funds at all. Forex trading involves risks associated with losing part or all of your funds, therefore we urge you to always understand the risks involved in trading. We are not responsible for lost client funds caused by forex trading activities for any reason.
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